Library House Co-op

Library house is a housing community located just a few steps from downtown Urbana, IL where nine members live together sharing ammenities and communal space but renting individual rooms.

Urbana Library House

Each house member contributes to the food system by paying a monthly fee for communal food. In Addition each week members are paired to cook for the entire house. The house dinners are an opportunity to showcase your cooking abilites, enjoy healthy food, and interact with your housemates.

House Mural

There is a commitment to the use of fresh and wholesome foods, when possible the food is suplemented with the house's own vegetable garden.

Co-op living is an enriching experience, you will have the opportunity to meet interesting people with potentially shared interests. We respect diversity and multiculturalism.Co-op living requires some time and effort, but is very rewarding. If interested we encourage you to stop by, or contact us for more information.

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