The House

The house has 2 floors and a basemenent. The rooms vary in sizes, room prices go from around 310 to 450. The utilities averages for around ~70 per month for each member. The food fee is 125 per month for each member.

Living Room

The utilities include electric, water, wireless internet, and others... The basement and the shed have some limited storage space. The laundry is free and is located in the basement. There is a projector, dvd player, and screen available.


The kitchen and pantry areas have shelve space for personal items. Also, there are three refrigerators for personal and communal food. There are various appliances, a dishwasher, and microwave oven.

The outside front has raised beds for the vegetable gardening. In addition, the yard has a firepit, outside table, a bikerack, and compost area.

Yard and firepit
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